Disadvantages of overdependence on computers


The invention of computers was a significant boost to technology in the world. It drastically changed the way things were done there before. It saw a great boost in all sectors of the economy. Computers were introduced in the health sector, the military, education, marketing, and governance. The introduction of the computer in this sectors created large numbers of employees. As time went by, all the industries started utterly depending on computers. This caused numerous people’s jobs being behind the computers. There are some disadvantages, however, to the constant working on computers.

Drawbacks of using computers a lot

Kills creativity

Oncesadjbvkjbaskjdbvkjasbdkjvbkasjbdvbasdbvkksajdbvkjasdvasd one is working behind a computer, his creativity tends to reduce. A computer is simply programmed to do what an individual would have done. The task left to an individual is just may to press on some few buttons. Take for example a computer that helps a doctor perform surgical operations. Without the computer, the doctor would have done all the operation on the patient. Here comes the computer that does the same job within a concise period. The remaining task of the doctor is simple. This will result in reduced creativity. In addition to this, one tends to become very lazy. Laziness is triggered by the fact that most computer jobs are routine work. There is nothing new to learn from a computer program. It also becomes monotonous and boring.

Heath complications

People who often use computers have complained of similar health complications. Computers have constantly caused eye and weight problems. The human eye is affected by the bright screen of computers. The human eye is designed as to reduce the amount of light entering her eye. The human reduces in size to reduce the amount of light. However, too frequent users of computers, the eye cannot remain reduced for a long time. This results in the eye problem. A computer is also suspected to cause cancer disease. X-ray machine has been suspected of causing chronic diseases.

Social problems

Computers cause social problems to users. For children, computers allow them to access the internet. The internet is a major cause of a social problem. Children will spend all the time on the computer. This denies them time to spend with their parents and gets moral advice. Adults who use a computer for lone are likely to have the same problem. Addiction to use a computer is very common. One’s life is tied to a computer. One then gets minimum time to socialize with family members and friend. When one such a person is stressed, he can easily develop depression.

Solutions to this problems

i.skdnvklasndlkvkalsdnvlknsadkvlksandklvnklasndvasdvasd Computers screens have been fitted with light regulators. There are screen covers designed to reduce the amount of light meaning from a computer screen. Some computer is also designed with the ability to self-adjust the amount of light emanating from the display

ii. To avoid social problems, jobs have adopted monthly and weekly leaves. Workers are also allowed to work for a specified amount of hours. Work rotation have also been adopted

How to Avoid Injuries When Playing Soccer


Soccer is a very popular sport. But it can also be quite dangerous. Many individuals have already suffered injuries from playing soccer. But there are things that you can do to avoid injuries.

If you want to know how to avoid injuries when playing soccer, read the tips below.

Warm up

gfsgfs65sahgasasOne of the best things that you can do to avoid injuries while playing soccer is to properly condition your body. You can do this by doing a proper warm up. Never ever go on the field cold. There are several things that you can do to warm up your body. You could simply jog in place, or you can do simple exercises such as squats and jumping jacks. The practice of warming up is called as such because it raises the temperature of the body. It also increases the blood and oxygen flow to the muscles. This contributes to reducing the risk of muscle and ligament tearing.

Know when to stop

Soccer can be an intense sport. Even the practice sessions performed by soccer players are intense. It is important for drills to be intense to simulate the conditions of an actual game. But you should know when to stop and take a rest. It is important to take regular breaks during practice and in actual games. Avoid pushing yourself too far. You should Los start with easy drills first like dribbling and then slowly build up your intensity. During games, let your coach know when you think you need to rest. For sure, your coach will appreciate the gesture. After all, you will be of no use to the team when you get injured.

Be mentally prepared

Soccer is not only a physical game. It is also a mental game. So if you want to know how to avoid injuries when playing soccer, you must also be mentally prepared. Be focused on the game and avoid distractions when playing.

Wear proper gear

fgsgfsgfs6sasaIt is important that you wear proper gear during games and even in practice. This means wearing uniforms and boots that fit. It also means wearing the prescribed protective gear that includes shin pads, mouth guards, and gum shields.

Apart from wearing proper gear, playing in the right environment can also reduce the risk of injuries. Players should only agree to play and practice on flat surfaces. This is because playing in uneven surfaces and fields that have potholes, bumps, etc. can cause injuries.

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Health Tips For When You Are At Work


Sitting in a chair in front of a computer screen for eight hours a day and five days a week can take a toll on you. This can cause major problems, and therefore you need to take care of yourself while you are at work for the benefit of your health. You can avoid the eye strain as well as the tension neck syndrome. In addition to this, you can also avoid the calories that you might gain by indulging in the occasional snack that your workmates may leave on your desk.

Tips to stay healthy at work.

Drink Water


This is the place that you will find it is the most suitable to practice that ten glasses of water in a day. It is easy for you to drink water at the office so you should always make sure that you live up to this rule. It is imperative that you keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, and that is what these glasses of water will do to you.


Although you might be puzzled as to how you will pull this off while you are at work, it is quite simple. During lunch or any break you can take a walk around and this is healthy for you. You can pick a partner at work that can be helping you with the motivation that you need for you to get out more and take walks. This partner is supposed to drag you out if need be on those days that you feel you can go for a walk. You can even park away from your place of work so you can make short walks during the morning and in the evening as you leave work if you can’t do it during lunch breaks.

Healthy Lunch


During lunch hours, it is important that you get to eat a healthy lunch which should be part of your balanced diet. However, you should strive to eat reasonable portions as this is critical to your health. Eating reasonably will mean that you are not consuming a lot of calories and then going back to your office to sit on a chair the whole day. So, make sure that you are eating a healthy lunch while you are at work, and you should also ensure that it is of the right amount, so you do not gain a lot of weight. If you happen to follow these simple health tips while you are at work, then you will certainly be healthy.

Four Tips On How To Overcome Munchies.


Overcoming munchies is one of the most difficult things that you can do. Speaking of munchies, it’s very crucial to differentiate real hunger from appetite. They are two different things. Hunger is just the body’s need for food, while appetite is more about cravings. In this case, munchies are just like your frequent appetite. Overcoming this kind of appetite isn’t always easy, but there are certain things you can do to stop it.

Here are the tips on how to overcome munchies:

1. Identify all your food triggers and avoid them.

tiowff3f23df3df23f32df23< If you frequently get munchies, one of the things you can do to overcome them is to determine all your food triggers. Triggers can be just anything such as emotions, boredom, getting high and even social eating. You must deal with these triggers by simply identifying their main causes. Once you have identified the food triggers that tend to attempt you a lot, try to keep them out of your reach. You must, therefore, control your environment.

2. Never skip a meal

Skipping your meal can also result in munchies. You will probably end up overeating unhealthy or junk food, and that can be quite dangerous to your overall health in the long run. It’s, therefore, important to avoid skipping your meal. Bear in mind that your body must always be fueled accordingly with the right food. Always eat enough and a balanced diet meal.

3. Drink a lot of green tea

At any time, fluids are the best for satisfying you oral fixation. In this case, green tea is the best drink you can drink to overcome you munchies. This type of tea comes with so many benefits for your health. Drinking it can help you get some more time to overcome your cravings for food.

4. Eat healthy snack foods

If you get munchies, instead of eating unhealthy foods, try to eat healthy snack foods as this can provide you with a lot of other nutritional options. For instance, celery sticks and carrots can also satisfy you. However, it’s not advisable to snack directly from the packages; instead, transfer your snack food to a dish before eating them. This can greatly help you control the amount of snacks you should eat.

Concisely, in addition to these tips on how you can get rid of munchies, distracting yourself with some other things, such as movies, friends, and even books can also help you a lot. For instance, watching a movie will delay your munchies, and this can be something good for you.